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About Our Company

Our Agency Values and Philosophy

Excel is dedicated to assisting people with developmental disabilities to achieve the highest practical fulfillment of dreams and ambitions. We are dedicated to overcoming obstacles; physical, mental, or emotional. In addition, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for personal growth. We emphasize that we must adapt to the needs of those we support,not having those we support adapt to our systems. We want to help create lives for those we support in both meaningful and rewarding ways. Our key to oustanding providing service is based on treating program participants with dignity, respect, and grace.

Why did I start Excel Supported Living?

I am not an expert, but I have a lot of experience working with children and adults that have disabilities; whether it is mental, emotional, or physical. I am always actively searching for continued educational classes I can attend because I believe that there is always room for improvement and no one can know everything there is to know about any subject. To me it’s a privilege and honor to work with children and adults with disabilities and to be able to help them reach their full potential. I love the challenge of helping someone be happy, gain confidence, and make great progress. It’s a pursuit that is not only meaningful, fulfilling, and gratifying but it is something that I was put on this earth to do. One of the things I like most about working with children and adults that have disabilities is the amount of progress they achieve and the potential they have. I choose to also work with children with severe disabilities because it is my passion and I believe that I WILL make a difference. If ever I feel that there was a session / interaction that I wasn’t able to help a child/adult, I always analyze the time spent with that child/adult to ensure I document what techniques worked, what progress was made, what techniques happened to not work, and also any regression or areas that no progress was made. After doing this I consider new strategies, and if needed, new resources that I can reach out to, to help that child in our next session. I bring great effort and enthusiasm to all areas of my work, but I also have a calmness and patience that seems to work well with children and adults who have disabilities. I can say that I simply try my hardest and do my best.”

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