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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

About Us

We believe that consistent, ethical, and quality performance in all our endeavors is the key to success and will result in loyal, mutually beneficial relationships. As a member of our employee, dedication to providing the best service to our customers should be your top priority.

• E-xpand Horizons

Challenging the norm of individuals, using the creativity and imagination of each of them to not set limits but to exceed all expiations


• X-plore

Encourage everyone to explore their full potential to the world outside of a disability. 


• C-aring 

Exhibiting the ability to empathize and share concern for others, presenting a strong and positive emotion of regard and affection.


• E-quality

Building a foundation, supporting the individuals we support, showing the same equality in our homes as well as in our community.  Although, some individuals might appear different they maintain a large part of our innovation to inspire new ideas and opportunities.  


• L-ove

Our relationships with one another, embracing the journey in each relationship is essential to the success and growth of our ESL family.

Image by Nathan Anderson
123 W Cascade Way Suite A
Spokane, WA 99208
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Fax: 509-381-5117

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